“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

We Support Children, Youth, and underprivilage to Reach Their Full Potential


1. School Program

One of the important work that we caryy out is conducting school program classes for 2 hours from 4 pm to 6 pm. In that time period our total number of 60 students after coming from their respective school attend the school program classes where they carry out their homework first. After completion of their homework they will engage in extra activities like drawing, singing, dancing and other entertaining activities. The three classes along with respective three teachers helped the students doing their homework and engaging in extra activities. In that time period children are provided food as a tiffin. Likewise the period of 2 hours is conducted in order to help children finish their homework and enhance their extra activities.

2. Women Empowerment Program

Men and women are taken as the two wheels of a cart. As Nepal is male dominated country, more of the women are under male control in our society. Although the same is not now because of literacy, government system and other factor. Thus in order to empower the women we carry out different activities that helps women physically as well as financially. We carry out sewing machine program. We aware women to uplift themsleves and raise voice for the equality. We aware public not to send their son only to school but also send their daughter to school. We teach women to sew their clothes and learn sewing machine. Learning sewing machine helps them to earn some money. This surely helps in their economy. Thus Nepal is male dominated society, We focus on bringing equality among male amd female through vatious awareness programs and many more.

3. Orphan Home

Talking about orphan home we have been look after 40 students who don’t have their family. All these 40 children are orphan and are under our utmost control. Their fooding, clothing, education, shelter and other additional needs have been fulfilled by us through various means and we are proud for that.

4. Elderly Home

We know elderly home is the home where elder persons are looked after. Thus in such types of elderly home we along with our volunteers actively took part in helping them. We clean their clothes, room , bathe them and make them look good and healthy. Not only focusing on their health we help the elderly people bring smile in their wrinkled faces. We play the role of children in their life. The love and affection showered by us help them forget their child and their hidden sorrow. Finally, through those step taken by bijeta eco community helps these elderly people face to shine and smile and forget the pain and sorrows.

5. Rehabilitation Centre

Coming soon……….

6. Organic Farm

This is one of the main work that we conduct. We focus on organic agriculture. All the vegetables produced are produced organically. No chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used. Focusing on the health material of human we carry out organic farming. Organic farming had helped us a lot in our income source also. The production of the organic farm is used for us firstly and remaining products are sold out. The money or income generated from this farming is utilized for expending to our orphan children in our community. We also teach our volunteers and engage them in organic farming. Most of the counters visit our organic farm and we had been receiving positive feedback from them. We also make them learn how to adopt the such type of farming.

7. Mental Asylum

coming soon……

8. Health Camp & Sanitation Program

We all know health is wealth. So focusing on the health we bijeta eco community family aware the people about the importance of health. We once a week conduct sanitation program. we walk around our community and collect the wastes and garbage in one place and manage them properly. We conduct cleaning program timely. This sort of cleaning campaign had made a example for others to make the environment clean and healthy.


9. Cultural Campaign

Talking about cultural campaigns. Nepal is rich in cultural diversity. There are people with different castes following different cultures. During the time of our volunteers visiting our community, we carry out different cultural activities. We let them see our culture and tradition through dance, cultural ceremonies, and traditional painting etc. 

Recent work going on..

tErakoya projects:

Sewing project for women

Recently, we are conducting sewing projects for women empowerment. Women can earn some money after being trained to use the sewing machine. They can sew new clothes and gradually gather some money which will help for their family. Recently there are 20 women of the locality and are being trained by two trainers. One each machine is provided to them in order to learn comfortably. Thus, this program of Bijeta would help the women of the locality to earn little bit and put some effort for their earning in their family.

welcome to foreign visitors!

Volunteering in Nepal can be an extremely rewarding and life changing experience. Your efforts can bring great changes in the lives of individual people and the wider community, your contribution of time or resources is extremely valuable. During the international volunteering program, you will experience the day to day life style of living in a B.E.C. You will become a friend to our community.