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Who We Are

                          Introduction of Organization 

B.E.C is an educational, Non-profitable and Non-Governmental organization (NGO) registered at Government of Nepal and Social Welfare Council (SWC) in 2012. This organization is currently being run by a group of voluntary workers with its major focus on providing quality education, promoting health, enhancing family unity and community awareness in the targeted villages in Nepal. Majority of the children under our care are people, who are from marginalized and disadvantaged groups and also at a high risk of being trafficked. The organization aims to uplift these youths

and provide them with opportunities through self-help projects, thereby aiding in the overall development of the country. B.E.C is working for the children’s to make them educated and also provide many trainings such as sewing etc. for income generating ,their latest project is mentioned below:

What We Do



One of the important work that we caryy out is conducting school program classes for 2 hours from 4 pm to 6 pm. In that time period our total number of 60 students after coming from their respective school attend the school program classes………



Men and women are taken as the two wheels of a cart. As Nepal is male dominated country, more of the women are under male control in our society. Although the same is not now because of literacy, government system and other factor…………



his is one of the main work that we conduct. We focus on organic agriculture. All the vegetables produced are produced organically. No chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used…………..

Impact Stories

Pasang Sherpa & Lakpa Sherpa

Both Lhakpa and Pasang are the brothers born from same mother. They were born in Himalayan region of Nepal and were migrated here in the area of Sundarijal. Our tuition center with the help of B.E.C provided their family to live in a small house, and those kids live with their mom, dad and with grandparents .Their father work as laborer sometime and does not have much income to fulfill basic needs to their children. At first the elder bro Pasang could not study properly as he was really weak but now they had improved a lot. One of our foreign volunteers also promised Their parents that they would do admission on boarding schools with their fees would be paid by them. Their family members are really happy and thankful to our tuitions center by seeing the improvement in education and behavior of their kids.


Parent's comment: Nishan Ansari's Mother

From the boarder side of Nepal, I and my husband came to Kathmandu with our son for improving our lifestyle as we were suffering from a disease called ‘POVERTY’. My husband had expected that somehow he would get job and luckily he started to work as a laborers of construction. After some years he became the constructor officer and we had a very good life style. Before we were unable to eat food and buy cloth but after great effort my husband had succeeded but bad omen took place in our life .Soon my husband felt deep pain on his abdomen due to the pain he was unable to work as well. At first he used to take painkiller and finally we made a plan to go for check up in India as we were new to Kathmandu and we went to India but on the way of returning Kathmandu (after the check up) my husband died leaving us behind. First I lived in my mother’s house but for my child education I came back to Kathmandu and opened a sewing business where I sew some clothes of people and earn money for living .My son goes to Terakoya tuition center and has been learning many new things. I had never hoped that my son would regain his education in this way. All thanks to Terakoya who gave us support on our hard time.